Seasons of Soul-Self



Seasons of Soul-Self

A past season passes slowly with
fear-tears of abandonment’s shadow.
Tears of deep loss hide within my soul, 
…abandoned, cold winter soul. 
Called back to that time of fearfulness,
dread, anxiety, my shadow-soul-memories.
Now!Breathing heavily, rapidly, catching,
…abuse, my loss in spring’s season. 
Season remembrance within me,
memories long passed but owning
my present in shadow-bound fear
deep within my soul-self season. 
.…autumn of abandoned soul-self.   
Tears fall remembering my abuse during
those interminable seasons long ago of
summer sun’s heat, autumn’s leaves falling,
winter’s cold snow, and spring’s flowers,
my beginning abuse. soul-self abandoned,  
…memories of lost innocence during
my soul-self seasons of my abuse.

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She knew it would be difficult to revisit her past trauma, but her journey would be incomplete without resolving her childhood sexual abuse. This journey would help her know her inner soul and understand why the child chose isolation.

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Food Expiry Dates [Infographic]

Food Expiry Dates [Infographic]

While reading, I  found Food Expiry Dates [Infographic] on another website and found the original infographic was from an ecology blog named ecogreenlove:

What Food Expiry Dates Really lMean? []Infographic]ecogreenlove created the original infographic .

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Hearing God 5/10/17

Hearing God Do you have a longing for hearing God? I don’t know about you but when I was a new Christian, I yearned to hear the voice of God. I believed by faith in Jesus and that He sacrificed Himself on the cross for me so that He could atone for my sins. But I … Read more

Verdant Green – for #SoCS Apr. 29/17

Verdant Green

Courtesy of


Verdant green

changed overnight

from brown patches.

Spring performed

her dance in the

yard so green.


Emerald jewels

of grassy green

delightful joy at

God’s resplendency,

genesis of creation

’til comes the cold.


Winter’s settlement,

seasonal frostiness

with snowy winds

leave naught but

hibernating grass

mossy, jade-green

as an emerald sea.


Hidden quiescence,

a resemblance of

death all-ending,

patchy yellowness

awaiting spring

and her dances,

emerald sea of

green once again.

Courtesy of CCO



Friday’s Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Apr. 29/17

Courtesy of Tessa Smeigh

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Apr. 29/17 – yard

Prompt is yard.


Authenticity 4/29/17

Authenticity is underrated in today’s society. We all have our “public” persona and our “private” persona. We work to get it right! Stress follows as our result. Our motto is to guide our private persona at all cost unless we are with family and friends who know us intimately. God knows us in private and public. Let’s read Psalm139:1-6 (ESV).

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