Your Resources for Lent and Easter 2/3/17


Your Resources for Lent and Easter

Lent starts on Ash Wednesday is on Wed, March 1 this year. Easter Sunday is on Sun, April 16. I thought it would be a nice gift to those who read my blog to give them 3 independent resources for Lent and Easter and anytime for the last of the 3. I hope you enjoy them whether you look at one or all, it is your choice to download. Susan…

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Lost Friends and Politics 11/18/16

Lost Friends and Politics

Over the last week or two, I’ve heard about lost friends and politics because of disagreements about political views. During this week, I was talking with several friends on Facebook who were quite upset because some people that they considered “friends” had unfriended them. Feelings were hurt and people felt betrays and misunderstood. This was a direct result of the election on November 8, 2016. The politics of Trump supporters and Clinton supporter were pushed to the brink by the negativity of the campaign.

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Monday’s Personal Thoughts 11/7/16

Monday’s Personal Thoughts

Today I share Monday’s Personal Thoughts the day before we vote for President of the USA. Many of you may have voted early depending upon your state, but I have not voted yet. I am biased, I will admit. I support Hillary Clinton for President. Is she perfect? NO. Does she have flaws? DON’T WE ALL?…OF COURSE. But the alternative of Donald Trump with his volatility, lack of knowledge of how government operates, our constitution and his bias against women, minorities, Gays, refugees, and I could go on and on…well the alternative is grossly incompetent and unprepared for the presidency.


Of course, this is my opinion and you may not share it. That’s okay. The USA allows for different views and diversity so that is why we will vote tomorrow as a democracy and from that vote determine who will lead us for the next four years. We all need to support our democracy. Our history is written with people and events that have preserved our democracy.

Also, we need to support our diversity of culture. Isn’t that how America was born? Didn’t we decide to separate from England and declare our independence? Of course. We were and still are a mixture of race, color, creed…that’s called diversity and we don’t build walls to keep people out but welcome people into our democratic and diverse culture. All are welcome. We can’t operate from fear. Rather we operate from love and peace being a welcoming country. That is who we really are.I am tired


I am tired of all the fear tactics and gun rhetoric that is being spewed by Trump and the Republican Party. I remember a Republican party that I didn’t completely support but was proud of how they represented themselves and their professional explanation of their beliefs in civil debates. But again, I am an old lady of 65 so I’ve lived long enough to have seen that. I even voted for Bush…I regretted it later, but I did vote for him and even when I didn’t agree with the direction he was going, I still supported him as our President. That is what they call RESPECT. Donald Trump does not have that word in his vocabulary. If you don’t completely agree with his autocratic philosophy, as volatile and changing as it is, then you are at risk for being disrespected, rejected and possibly booted out of your own country. He does this all under the guise of “Make America Great Again.”

I think America is Great already. Again, we aren’t perfect…No country is. We have our faults…So do other countries. Bu.t there is a great deal to be grateful for in our country. We can choose to work or not. We can go to school beyond 12 years which are mandatory…but we don’t have to go further except by choice. We are allowed to own land and houses and other property. Although our taxes are high, we pay them to support this country which I am very proud to support. And we have the right to vote and influence the direction our Country will go. That is a sacred right, not to be taken lightly.

Off my sandbox, I go and just remind you that my opinion is just that…MY OPINION. In this country, you have the right to agree or disagree.

Don’t forget to vote tomorrow!!