1000 Gifts: Trusting Grace 12/13/16

1000 Gifts: Trusting Grace  12/13/16

I’ll talk about 1000 Gifts: Trusting Grace in our Devotional study tonight. Trust is really an issue of mine since I was a child sexual abuse survivor. If you can’t trust your own parents, ho do you learn to trust. On 12/9/16, we learned from Ann that the answer to anxiety is the adoration of Christ. Such a profound but simple statement that is so incredibly true. Can it really be that simple…just adoration and exaltation will stop the anxiety we feel? That is what God’s word says many times over. Each time I am anxious, I will try exalting God beginning today. Continue during Christmas season to keep your list of One Thousand Gifts or graces and reap joy in your new discoveries for your list.  Let’s see what Ann has to say about Trusting Grace tonight.  

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Thank You for Patience 10/8/16

Thank You for Patience

Thank you for patience as I have grieved and healed during this time since my last post on September 12, 2017. Before I restart the Bible Study on David’s Life, I want to talk a little about what I have learned during this time of healing.

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Powerful Prayer Devotional – Cry of My Heart 7/19/16

 Powerful Prayer Devotional – Cry of My Heart Last week on Friday we talked about Powerful Prayer Devotional – First Thing In The Morning in the Devotional. Today, I share Powerful Prayer Devotional – Cry of My Heart. This chapter speaks a Heart Prayer. It is a prayer that Lory says each day. I will follow with some Scripture-based references … Read more

Blessed Be The Name: Jehovah Raah-The Lord is My Shepherd 3/10/16

Tonight we discuss Jehovah Raah- The Lord is My Shepherd. Beginning next week I will combine the Bible study group and the Devotional/Bible Study Group in a Study that I am sure you will find intriguing, to say the least.

Blessed Be The Name: Jehovah Shalom-Your Peace 3/7/16

   Devotional/Study: Jehovah Shalom- Your Peace  Last time, Jehova Shua or Yeshua (also spelled Yeshueah and Yeshuah). The change of the name from Hebrew to Greek to Latin and eventually English is difficult to describe but occurs because several of the letters of the Hebrew language did not appear in the other languages and I will … Read more