Mental Health and the Stigma

Mental Health and the Stigma attached is something that haunts many of us with a mental illness history. I am tired of being stigmatized because I have a mental illness. Society punishes me for “the sins of the father”(NKJ Bible, Exodus 34:6-7). I did not ask to be sexually abused as a child.

Why Is Meditation So Hard? 7/2/16

Why is meditation so hard? Do you have difficulty with “traditional meditation” that asks you to sit still, usually in a cross-legged position with your eyes closed for minutes on end and empty your mind of thoughts? Or you can watch your thoughts float by but not engage them. Of course, we have all heard about the benefits of meditation…

Surviving Depression 6/27/16

 Surviving Depression

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 I am chronically depressed and tonight I share about surviving depression. I have a history of mental illness. It began as a child and of sexual abuse from age 4-12. My father was the perpetrator. He has long since passed away in 1998, but was still alive when I went into counseling in the 80’s. My doctor’s name is Dr.Jane Stoermer and she is an excellent psychologist. Originally, I started counseling for depression and marital problems. But while in counseling, I became aware of memories long buried from my childhood.

My memories were blocked before the age of 12 but I had made up an imaginary history to cover with my friends and teachers until adulthood. I told my “story” for so long that I believed it to be true. While seeing Jane, my real memories from  my childhood started to return as flashbacks and dreams. Long story short, Jane and I discovered that I was sexually abused as a child and had DID or Dissociative Identity Disorder. This is often called Multiple Personality Disorder by the lay public and is commonly known by people from the famous 1976 film, “Sybil”, starring Sally Field. 

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Guinness Dying With Dignity and Me

Guinness Dying With Dignity and Me is what I have titled this blog post because I have learned in the last couple of weeks that Guinness has Cancer. It is under his skin in the form of lumps and spreading and growing. The vet offered surgery but didn’t guarantee that more lumps would not occur.

Sharing My Today – #Weekend Coffee Share 6/12/16

If we were having coffee (or diet coke which is my mainstay this time at night), I would tell you what a wonderful day and week it has been for me. First, I have found a local church that I have been listening to on my computer for several weeks now. It is named Oasis Church and it is about 6 miles from my home. They have a TV ministry

Finding Your Voice – Tuesday at Ten: {VOICE} 6/1/16

Tonight, I want to speak about finding your voice. Your voice is what your story stems from whether it is abuse, mental illness, chronic illness, abandonment, loss or grief, or whatever your inner voice tells you.