Your Resources for Lent and Easter 2/3/17


Your Resources for Lent and Easter

Lent starts on Ash Wednesday is on Wed, March 1 this year. Easter Sunday is on Sun, April 16. I thought it would be a nice gift to those who read my blog to give them 3 independent resources for Lent and Easter and anytime for the last of the 3. I hope you enjoy them whether you look at one or all, it is your choice to download. Susan…

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Child and Adult 12/30/16

Child and Adult, my poem…I’ve been working on my memoir and thinking of 2017 right around the corner. Thoughts of how I changed from child victim to adult survivor and this poem reflects the changes.


2017 is 2 days away. How have you changed since being a child? Read my poem reflects my change... Click To Tweet

Child and Adult

New beginnings
New endings of old
New possibilities
New hopes and dreamsOnce, I was a child.
I spoke as a child.
I acted as a child.
I am no longer childish.

My fears were real
as a child abused.
As an adult I no
longer carry that fear.

My abuse was real
as a child to abuser.
Now, adult I am no
longer abused but loved.

My abandonment
was real from mother
and father, but I am
no longer abandoned.

My loneliness was real
as a child and an adult.
I choose not to be lonely
but to make relationships.

As a child, my hopes
were scoffed and lost.
As an adult, I choose
to believe in my hopes.

I am no longer a child
abused, fearful, lonely,
and without hope, but
the adult rebukes these.

Once I was a child, but
the adult chooses to
be full of hopes and
dreams and fearless.