Christian Persecution in the World 4/7/17

Christian Persecution in the World

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While reading a magazine named “Voice of Martyrs”, I was really touched by the story about Christian persecution in the world, in the March edition. The article was about Pastor Han Chung-Ryeol and his wife, Mrs. Han. Called to Changbai, China shortly after the Pastor had graduated from seminary, they arrived as a result of being led by God. The missionary couple was to minister and help Chinese people in this poor area and give the Gospel message so that this message could be spread further throughout the region. They did not expect that North Korean men and women would also sneak across the border for their message and for ministry.

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Broken Glass 2/21/17

Tonight’s blog post is a poem I wrote two days ago named “Broken Glass.” I hope that you enjoy it although the topic is a bit dark. My inspiration for the poem was the broken relationship my ex when we divorced and my daughter and I moved to Florida from Ohio.  It has taken years but they have reconciled their relationship although they will never get back the time that they lost.

If the poem touches your heart, please share with your SM friends and followers for me. Susan…

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Valentine’s Day Alone? 2/7/17


Valentine’s Day Alone?

Valentine’s Day is a week away and if you’re unattached and single and that can be a bummer. I’m sure nobody wants to be alone on Valentine’s Day. I hated Valentine’s Day as a divorced single, not dating with no prospects. Well…that was until I began to celebrate my relationship with myself by learning about self-love.

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Lone Leaf 1/17/17

Lone Leaf was inspired by this beautiful picture by Sandy Follett. Intertwined is some of my story growing up and of course, my God. I pray that you will be as inspired as I was. The words on the page were God’s choosing, not mine. I was just the instrument. Enjoy. Susan

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Facebook Romance 1/6/17

This is my poem today named Facebook Romance. I wrote it after being amused by a scammer on FB Messenger earlier today. Sometimes you just have to randomly amuse yourself to pass the time on a snowing afternoon with not much to do. Susan…

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Through The Eyes… 11/7/16

Tonight is poem night and the name of my poem is Through the Eyes… that tells a story of someone’s upbringing from baby to now, a 65 yo woman. Some memories were painful, sad, and quite harsh while others were loving and fond. Some of my life is woven into the poem but some of the poem is fiction, yet .happens every day in some homes. Enjoy the poem.   Susan…

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