Your Resources for Lent and Easter 2/3/17


Your Resources for Lent and Easter

Lent starts on Ash Wednesday is on Wed, March 1 this year. Easter Sunday is on Sun, April 16. I thought it would be a nice gift to those who read my blog to give them 3 independent resources for Lent and Easter and anytime for the last of the 3. I hope you enjoy them whether you look at one or all, it is your choice to download. Susan…

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A Prayer for Our Nation on Inauguration Day 1/20/17

A Prayer for Our Nation on Inauguration Day

Dear Lord,

I pray for You to please watch over Our Nation this Inauguration Day and every day thereafter for the next four years. You know that I don’t agree with President Trump’s policies and philosophy, but I ask that you help me to accept him and respect him despite my feelings.  I trust that you are in control and will guide us all according to our willingness to be led by you. I am obedient to You, O Lord, and will render to Ceasar what is his as Your Word instructs. Give him a willingness to unify our nation and to be led by Your Wisdom. Grant us all the willingness to be conciliatory and not argumentative. Guide all of us to peace in our nation and beyond. May we all trust You and your Lordship in full obedience to You, O Lord. I praise and thank You with a heart of gratitude. Bless Your Name, O Lord. Amen.

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Christmas Time Blessings

A  Christmas Time Blessings 

A Christmas Time Blessings for all at Christmas. Susan..

Christmas Time Meaning


Christmas time blessed
Christmas time Holy time
Christmas time traditions
Christmas time giving

Christmas time God
As a babe man-child
Our gift of salvation
Our gift love eternal

Christmas time family
Love, gifts, celebration
Church, prayer, worship
Don’t forget give too….

The homeless ones
The lonely ones
The forgotten ones
The lost ones

Christmas time to love
Others as God does
Christmas time to
Forgive as God does

What does Christmas
mean to you and yours?
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