Christian Persecution in the World 4/7/17

Christian Persecution in the World

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While reading a magazine named “Voice of Martyrs”, I was really touched by the story about Christian persecution in the world, in the March edition. The article was about Pastor Han Chung-Ryeol and his wife, Mrs. Han. Called to Changbai, China shortly after the Pastor had graduated from seminary, they arrived as a result of being led by God. The missionary couple was to minister and help Chinese people in this poor area and give the Gospel message so that this message could be spread further throughout the region. They did not expect that North Korean men and women would also sneak across the border for their message and for ministry.

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Your Resources for Lent and Easter 2/3/17


Your Resources for Lent and Easter

Lent starts on Ash Wednesday is on Wed, March 1 this year. Easter Sunday is on Sun, April 16. I thought it would be a nice gift to those who read my blog to give them 3 independent resources for Lent and Easter and anytime for the last of the 3. I hope you enjoy them whether you look at one or all, it is your choice to download. Susan…

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Free Bible Study by Ann Voskamp

Free Bible Study by Ann Voskamp Starts 1/23/17 I’m attending…join me and we can blog about it. It’s called The Broken Way Online…read and see details below. All you need is to buy the workbook. Susan.. BREAK FREE this year! It would be a joy to have you join us for The Broken Way Online … Read more

1000 Gifts: First Grace 11/29/16

1000 Gifts: First Grace  11/29/16

Tonight, I will talk about 1000 Gifts: First Grace in our Devotional study by Ann VoskampOn 11/19/16, we talked about choosing grace and the fact that God gave us freedom to choose. To choose to live with grace and glory as we live in God’s free and ready favor…living with the fullness that God offers us. Yet it is a choice…whether we live with God’s grace and glory or not. Continue to keep your list of One Thousand Gifts (graces).  Let’s begin to discuss what Ann means  when she speaks of “First Grace.” 

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Living beneath the Cross of Jesus

This is a reblog of Living beneath the Cross of Jesus. Such awesome insight into the sinfulness o mankind and the inadequacy of confession to anyone except to the Lord, Himself. More honest words I have never heard. Susan…

Mark 16:15 – Go Into All the World… 8/12/16

Mark 16:15 – Go Into All the World…

I have a Christian Friend, Sean McMahon, just out of college and going to Timor-Leste with the Peace Corps for two years. He has financial needs for equipment and survival there and has a GoFundMe account that you can donate to if you are willing and able. I donate each month. He and his sister are close friends of our family in Nashville TN. Sean’s sister and brother-in-law are both pastors in the Nazarene Church. Please check Sean out and give something if you are able. And if you are unable to help financially, will you please add him to your prayer list and pray for his ministry and his safety and that God’s will be done. I know God will bless you.

Thank you and God Bless,


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