How’s Your Patience Lately?

How’s your patience lately?

How’s your patience lately? Patience is said to be a virtue. Mine runs a little too short. The person I am most impatient with is myself. You see, I am a born-again perfectionist straight from my mother’s womb. I always tried to please her but nothing could solve the puzzle for me.

But I wonder what some others think about patience. Let’s see.


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Following Possibilities

I entered this poem in a contest on and I  won GOLD!! Enjoy. Susans Soul…

Excited that I won Gold for this poem, Following Possibities, on Click To Tweet

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She knew it would be difficult to revisit her past trauma, but her journey would be incomplete without resolving her childhood sexual abuse. This journey would help her know her inner soul and understand why the child chose isolation.

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Food Expiry Dates [Infographic]

Food Expiry Dates [Infographic]

While reading, I  found Food Expiry Dates [Infographic] on another website and found the original infographic was from an ecology blog named ecogreenlove:

What Food Expiry Dates Really lMean? []Infographic]ecogreenlove created the original infographic .

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