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Free Bible Study by Ann Voskamp Starts 1/23/17 I’m attending…join me and we can blog about it. It’s called The Broken Way Online…read and see details below. All you need is to buy the workbook. Susan..

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BREAK FREE this year! It would be a joy to have you join us for The Broken Way Online Bible Study!

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The Broken Way is a new FREE six-week online Bible study, where you will discover that…

wholeness and brokenness are not opposites
the abundant life you crave is found in the broken pieces of your life, and
you don’t have to be afraid of broken things, because Christ is redeeming everything.
Sign up for the study now and we’ll get started the week of January 22! I’ll kick things off with a FREE online event with all of our online Bible study participants. And we’re making the companion study videos available to you for FREE. That’s right, all 6 sessions! Register now and get the schedule, free downloads, and all the great bonuses you need to get started right away!


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Hope to see you there and here. Susan…

1000 Gifts: Trusting Grace 12/13/16

1000 Gifts: Trusting Grace  12/13/16

I’ll talk about 1000 Gifts: Trusting Grace in our Devotional study tonight. Trust is really an issue of mine since I was a child sexual abuse survivor. If you can’t trust your own parents, ho do you learn to trust. On 12/9/16, we learned from Ann that the answer to anxiety is the adoration of Christ. Such a profound but simple statement that is so incredibly true. Can it really be that simple…just adoration and exaltation will stop the anxiety we feel? That is what God’s word says many times over. Each time I am anxious, I will try exalting God beginning today. Continue during Christmas season to keep your list of One Thousand Gifts or graces and reap joy in your new discoveries for your list.  Let’s see what Ann has to say about Trusting Grace tonight.  

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Powerful Prayer Devotional – Peace, Provision, Confession, and Praise 8/30/16

Powerful Prayer Devotional – Peace and Provision

Last Friday we talked about the Powerful Prayer Devotional – God’s Hand in our Devotional and praying Psalm 91. We first read the Psalm in NIV as it was written and then we read the version that Lory, the author of the Devotional had written in First Person, personalizing the Psalm. Today, we discuss Powerful Prayer Devotional – Peace, Provision, Confession, and Praise from our Devotional. Lory, who writes our Devotional, continues to discuss praying and talking with God and how she uses speaking God’s Word through Psalm 23 as a prayer of peace and provision. I have added in prayers of confession and praise that she did not cover in her Devotional. 

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Powerful Prayer Devotional – God's Hand 8/26/16

Powerful Prayer Devotional – God’s Hand

On Tuesday we discussed the Powerful Prayer Devotional – Powerful and Effective Prayer in our Devotional and James 5:16 meant according to Lory in the Devotional and also I discuss James 5:13-18 in context giving a fuller, complete description historically of these verses. Today, we discuss Powerful Prayer Devotional – God’s Hand from our Devotional. Lory, who writes our Devotional, discusses praying and talking with God and how she uses speaking God’s Word through Psalm 91 (NIV) as a prayer of protection over her family as a way of communicating with God directly. Let’s see what she how she does this.

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