The Peace Journey


The Peace Journey

Peace is often sought as we experience chaos. We think we can’t have peace until we find a quiet place.

This is a myth because you can detach from the chaos surrounding you while in the midst by walking into another room and close your eyes and let your inner soul (heart) deliver peace to you.

You might recall a song or scripture or a quote that you know and can detach from the noise and enjoy your inner peace.

The more often you practice this then the easier it will become.

God Bless




1000 Gifts: First Grace 11/29/16

1000 Gifts: First Grace  11/29/16

Tonight, I will talk about 1000 Gifts: First Grace in our Devotional study by Ann VoskampOn 11/19/16, we talked about choosing grace and the fact that God gave us freedom to choose. To choose to live with grace and glory as we live in God’s free and ready favor…living with the fullness that God offers us. Yet it is a choice…whether we live with God’s grace and glory or not. Continue to keep your list of One Thousand Gifts (graces).  Let’s begin to discuss what Ann means  when she speaks of “First Grace.” 

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Guinness Dying With Dignity and Me

Guinness Dying With Dignity and Me is what I have titled this blog post because I have learned in the last couple of weeks that Guinness has Cancer. It is under his skin in the form of lumps and spreading and growing. The vet offered surgery but didn’t guarantee that more lumps would not occur.

The Best Bible Reading Advice | Gospel Relevance

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How To Change Your Life

How To Change Your Life How to change your life. Change can be a scary thing. Are you afraid of change? I know that I used to be afraid of it, but not anymore. Now I look at change as an opportunity to grow. It is a chance to reevaluate where I am at and where … Read more