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The Epic Awesomeness Award


I’ve been nominated for this unusual award that was originally offered by  Charles French,   who describes his blog as ‘an exploration of reading and writing‘. The Bloggers who nominated me for this award were Millie Thom, from her blog, name Millie Thom. I have been following her blog since I became a blogger in 2014 and find her historical bent to her blog fascinating. I learn so much from her.I also was nominated for the same award just this last week from Shivangi, whose blog is named Stories by Shivangi where she is an excellent writer of flash fiction, stories, quotes and general blogs.  Charles’ site is excellent with lots of tips for writers. Himself a writer, and someone who teaches writing skills, he is an expert that passes on his knowledge to his readers through his posts. I recommend you take a look at the three bloggers to see what excellent bloggers they are. I thank each blogger for considering this blog worthy of the award. 


1. You are awesome; tell us why.

2. You are my friend; tell us about other friends.

3. Be creative, but it’s ok if you are having trouble with this one.

4. There are no direct questions to answer; let yourself run wild!

5. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

6. Notify your nominees.

  1. I wouldn’t say I am awesome, but other people and bloggers think this site is awesome. It is an amazing mix of flash fiction, short stories, and my poetry that I write on All Poetry. I enjoy participating in flash fiction challenges and writing in general. I love writing poetry. It truly is my first love…some is dark, some not so dark but most all of it is free verse poetry…I don’t rhyme well.
  2. Millie has been my friend and mentor since I started blogging and following her in November, 2014. She always gives such good advice when asked questions and her blogs are alway full of interesting history and pictures from her travels. I envy her travels because with my arthritis disability I can’t travel much. Shivangi is another friend that I met during the flash fiction challenges. She is very good natured and I enjoy reading her flash fiction. I’ve been following her blogging for some time and see it improving every time she writes. As far as other friends, I have quite a few who I have met through WordPress and Blogger…to many to list for fear of not being able to list everybody. I follow over 200 blogs and rotate them so that some I get daily and some weekly and alternate them through my system I have developed.
  3. As far as being creative, that’s included in the name of the blog website. The best things I create are in writing and poetry. I have recently decided to rewrite a book that I wrote during therapy for my sexual abuse while I was a child. I wrote it, couldn’t get it published, couldn’t afford to self-publish then, and lost it. Though I do have the journal (about 6 of them) that I kept all the essays, poetry and writing in. So being creative, I will start to reconstruct my book that I called “Into the Light.”

My nominees are:

  1. Deanne 
  2. Andy Towsend
  3. Tessa
  4. OBA
  5. Dale Cooper
  6. WritersDream9
  7. Jenny
  8. Suzanne
  9. Phylor
  10. Dr. Joseph Suglia


Congratulations to those I have nominated. You are all Epically Awesome. PS: You are free to accept or reject the award(s). No obligation. Susan…

Ozzie and Harriette – Sunday Photo Fiction

Ozzie and Harriette

Ozzie and Harriette were two ornery ponies. The fought and bit each other whenever together. Anyone too close was likely to get nipped. They got along well until Harriette took liking to Bonzo, another pony. Now, fighting was constant. It was just chaos.

The owner decided to sell them so that he could quit refereeing. But both were loved by Zelda, his young daughter. If he upset her,  it would fuel the fire with his ex-wife. So Ozzie and Harriette remained a mismatched couple.

When Zelda was bitten by Ozzie, her daddy decided that he must sell them. He talked to Zelda and told her the bad news. Zelda cried begging for a change of heart, but daddy said, “No.” Zelda returned to her mother’s later that evening upset and with a dramatic bandage on her hand.

Zelda’s mom forbade her to visit her dad’s until the ponies were gone. To Zelda, it was all just too unfair. Zelda sneaked out of the house that night to go see Ozzie and Harriette one more time.

When she arrived at the ranch, she quietly entered the barn and hugged the two ponies. She let the ponies go by opening their gates and leading each outside. Then she lay down on the stall floor and fell asleep.



 Word Count: 216

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Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly writing challenge hosted by Alistair where a photo is used as a prompt for a piece of fiction using around 200 words.



Old Tire Tale – Sunday Photo Fiction


Old Tire Tale

Did you ever wonder what happens to old discarded tires? I have an Old Tire Tale to tell. This one was just thrown out recently and is frozen in a snowbank. It will thaw in the spring and probably get picked up by the city and taken to the dump. How do you think the tire feels about that? Well, I asked and he told me.

I gave the best years of my life to that old Buick. Do you think they care? The people who owned the Buick only got annoyed when they saw I was stolen by some young thugs out for a night of fun. The Buick people didn’t even call the police or send out a search party for me. There were no flyers with their name and phone number asking for my return with a reward offered.

Nope…the Buick people just went to Sears and bought another tire. I was completely abandoned and now here I am in the cold, exposed to the snow and ice. I’m frozen solid. I was discarded by the thugs at the end of their frivolous night. I miss my Buick. I miss my Buick people. Somebody help me. Take me home.

 Word Count: 200

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Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly writing challenge hosted by Alistair where a photo is used as a prompt for a piece of fiction using around 200 words.