Seasons of Soul-Self



Seasons of Soul-Self

A past season passes slowly with
fear-tears of abandonment’s shadow.
Tears of deep loss hide within my soul, 
…abandoned, cold winter soul. 
Called back to that time of fearfulness,
dread, anxiety, my shadow-soul-memories.
Now!Breathing heavily, rapidly, catching,
…abuse, my loss in spring’s season. 
Season remembrance within me,
memories long passed but owning
my present in shadow-bound fear
deep within my soul-self season. 
.…autumn of abandoned soul-self.   
Tears fall remembering my abuse during
those interminable seasons long ago of
summer sun’s heat, autumn’s leaves falling,
winter’s cold snow, and spring’s flowers,
my beginning abuse. soul-self abandoned,  
…memories of lost innocence during
my soul-self seasons of my abuse.

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Quotes on Compassion and Caring 4/21/17


Quotes on Compassion and Caring

I’ve been having a difficult time for three days now because of the last Jetpack update for WordPress. I kept getting error messages and could not bring up my blog in Finally, I emailed support for Jetpack and that is when I was told by email this morning that multiple plugins are conflicting with the update and the only thing to do is deactivate and delete those plugins and then I could run a “debug script” and my problem would be solved.

It took me much of the day deleting plugins and finding substitutes for what was needed (like security) and I am still not finished though it is now 10:30pm in Tennessee. I am not much in the mood to write tonight so I thought I would share some quotes on compassion or caring from the internet. I don’t know about you, but I could use some compassion and caring right now.

It is such an important part of our character to be caring and compassionate toward others. We start learning to care while children, taught by our parents and teachers. As we grow older, we learn from our church, our Bibles, and other adults model what it means to be compassionate or caring. If we are lucky enough to have a pet or two, we can practice our compassion and caring towards that dog or cat or guinea pig while playing and caring for them. 

Anyway, I thought the quotes that I found said it much better than I could.

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Christian Persecution in the World 4/7/17

Christian Persecution in the World

Courtesy of

While reading a magazine named “Voice of Martyrs”, I was really touched by the story about Christian persecution in the world, in the March edition. The article was about Pastor Han Chung-Ryeol and his wife, Mrs. Han. Called to Changbai, China shortly after the Pastor had graduated from seminary, they arrived as a result of being led by God. The missionary couple was to minister and help Chinese people in this poor area and give the Gospel message so that this message could be spread further throughout the region. They did not expect that North Korean men and women would also sneak across the border for their message and for ministry.

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Josiah and the Supernatural

  Josiah and the Supernatural  I was on YouTube earlier today and in all honesty I was procrastinating when I found a very interesting video that I write about tonight calling it Josiah and the Supernatural.  Trying to think of a topic for the Devotional part of the blog, I thought initially that I might write … Read more

Free at last! I am FREE! 2/24/17

Free at last…I am free from binge eating. I’ve wondered what is going to happen now.  I am not bingeing to stuff my emotions that I don’t want to feel. There is a freedom to that because bingeing calls for negative behaviors such as being secretive, not feeling anything but the numbness, keeping my distance from … Read more

Powerful Prayer Devotional – Peace, Provision, Confession, and Praise 8/30/16

Powerful Prayer Devotional – Peace and Provision

Last Friday we talked about the Powerful Prayer Devotional – God’s Hand in our Devotional and praying Psalm 91. We first read the Psalm in NIV as it was written and then we read the version that Lory, the author of the Devotional had written in First Person, personalizing the Psalm. Today, we discuss Powerful Prayer Devotional – Peace, Provision, Confession, and Praise from our Devotional. Lory, who writes our Devotional, continues to discuss praying and talking with God and how she uses speaking God’s Word through Psalm 23 as a prayer of peace and provision. I have added in prayers of confession and praise that she did not cover in her Devotional. 

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