Child and Adult 12/30/16

Child and Adult, my poem…I’ve been working on my memoir and thinking of 2017 right around the corner. Thoughts of how I changed from child victim to adult survivor and this poem reflects the changes. Susan… Child and Adult New beginnings New endings of old New possibilities New hopes and dreamsOnce, I was a child. I spoke … Read more

Guinness Dying With Dignity and Me

Guinness Dying With Dignity and Me is what I have titled this blog post because I have learned in the last couple of weeks that Guinness has Cancer. It is under his skin in the form of lumps and spreading and growing. The vet offered surgery but didn’t guarantee that more lumps would not occur.

How To Change Your Life

How To Change Your Life How to change your life. Change can be a scary thing. Are you afraid of change? I know that I used to be afraid of it, but not anymore. Now I look at change as an opportunity to grow. It is a chance to reevaluate where I am at and where … Read more

Loving Yourself

Loving yourself is the focus of this blog. The reasons we learn to hate including how we repeat self-hatred daily through our self-talk and our inner critic judges us and reminds us that we fail or we are not “good enough.”

A Revisit to…Inner Life and Soul: Musings of Life and What Matters

This is a revisit to Inner Life and Soul: Musings of Life and What Matters. I wrote this post originally November 23, 2014, and decided to revisit it now a year and a half later to see if things are any different for me.

Emerging from My Cocoon

Emerging… Today, I am emerging from my cocoon that I have created. Have you ever felt like you were inside a cocoon or hidden away? That’s what I’ve been feeling. It seems as though Spring’s finally here and Spring is a good time of year to start new beginnings. Just as flower buds are emerging and … Read more