Ecclesiastes Chapter 5- Bible Study 2/12/16


Tonight we discuss the 5th Chapter of Ecclesiastes.

My Notes

Reading Chapter 5, Solomon continues to discuss the meaninglessness of life, but his tone changes to angry more than depressed. First he speaks about entering God’s house but not in a worshipful way. He wants you to listen and keep your mouth shut. Is this what God wants? Solomon describes an angry God and what not to do when you go to the Temple. He speaks of a God who wants revenge for unfulfilled promises to Him. And says to be careful what you say to God for it is better to say nothing than to say something foolish. Solomon continues to advise that if you do make a promise to fulfill it immediately so that you don’t look foolish because God hates fools. Again, this is his belief, not God’s. Solomon goes on to discuss the futility of justice and wealth. He says that justice is delayed or misused by red tape and bureaucracy. Wealth is useless because you always want more leave this world with nothing. He also says that wealth just causes people to use you for their own gain.


  1. Read Ecclesiates v.1-2. Do you do anything to prepare for worship when going to church?
  2. Read v. 5-6. Is there any place for vows or promises to God? What about Matthew 5: 33-37?
  3. Read v. 10. What pain or difficulty comes to the greedy? Is greed just reflected in money or can it be seen in other things? What are those?
  4. Red v.18. Can you be happy rich? poor? working? how?
  5. Pray and meditate on one of the verses that spoke to you this week.

See you Tuesday,



Ecclesiastes Bible Study

  A study of Ecclesiastes from the book by Josh Hunt, Good Questions Have Small Groups Talking  EcclesiastesWe will read 1-2 chapters per week and answer some questions related to what was read. I will post twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays usually. You will need (1) a plain lined notebook to answer your questions and (2) your own Bible. You may want to use Biblegateway to check other versions or if you don’t have a Bible or have questions about your interpretation.


"Love Your Enemies" – Susan's Devotional Journal 12/19/15

DAY NINETEEN – “Love Your Enemies”

Scripture From “Quiet Moments With Jesus”

From the Devotional “Quiet Moments With Jesus”


The Lord speaks through the Devotional that we are to love our enemies. We are to be at peace with everyone and not return wickedness for wickedness. He says that when we were His enemies, He loved us wholeheartedly and because of His kindness we were saved, coming to know Him. We are to do the same and if our enemies don’t repent, then vengeance is His to take, not ours.

God gives the example that he feeds and clothes His enemies as He does those who love and follow Him. We are to preach His Truth to them but do it with love and kindness. We are to do good for our enemies and not filled with anger. Turn any anger over to the Lord. He says that if He feeds His enemies and loves them, how much more does He care for us. In justice, God will deliver those who are faithful to Him. Let these acts increase our Faith.

The 2 scriptures tonight repeat what God said to us through the Devotional. In Luke, he speaks about loving our enemies and doing good with nothing in return and our reward will be great. In Proverbs, it speaks of feeding our enemies’ hunger and thirst and in doing this, we will heap coals on their heads.


Dear God, 

Your words tonight are full of your Godly wisdom. I will do as you say, doing good and loving my enemies. It is difficult, but if I focus on You and remember how kind You were to me when I was not saved. Now, You are my rock and my salvation. I will turn over any angry feelings that I have to ou.  I praise You because You are worthy and You loved me long before I was lovable.

Amen, Susan…

       Susan’s Devotional Journal will continue with my new devotional that is on my Kindle through The Devotional named, “Quiet Moments With Jesus” is a devotional written by Adam Houge and includes a series of six devotionals that are 30 days long each, totaling 180 days. If you are interested in this Devotional, then you can purchase it by clicking here.

**All of the teaching and readings from Susan’s Devotional Journal are from the Devotional, “Quiet Moments with Jesus”**

Vignette of The Lady in Red

Vignette of The Lady in Red



Sadly she sits at the table. Arms outstretched and her head on the table. A look of loss, being forlorn, abandoned on her face. Tears trickle from her eyes smearing her mascara. The candle at the table flickers as the only light in the empty room.




Her beautiful red dress flowing behind her was purchased for the occasion. Now she is at a loss as to what to do, where to go, who to call for help. Beautiful but alone, she listens for her lover’s return, but naught is heard. Her bruised right arm is an indication of the argument that ensued.




Now, her lover is gone and she is bruised inside and out. A victim of his anger and abuse, she feels hopelessly lost. She blames herself for his actions. If only she had not…If only she could have… The beautiful lady in red will not forgive herself.




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