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Awesome!!! Social Warfare

Social Warfare

Product Features to Highlight

If you’d rather have a go-to quick list of Social Warfare’s most popular features, here you go:

  • Display Settings: Choose the networks you want to show (13 social networks to choose from), activate Twitter Cards, reorder networks by preference or dynamically by shares
  • Visual Options: Button Shape (6 Shapes Supported), Color Sets (10 Color Sets Supported), Individual Hover Color Set (10 Hover Color Sets Supported), Other Buttons Hover Color Set (10 Other Hover Color Sets Supported), Button Size (8 Sizes Supported)
  • Display Locations: Above, Below, Above and Below, None/Manual Placement per Post, Page, Sitewide, and all your custom post types.
  • Floating Buttons: Show or hide, float position options include Bottom, Top, Left of Page
  • Click To Tweet: Visual Themes— 6 Themes Supported plus the ability to create your own style via your theme’s CSS
  • Tweet Counts: Activate Tweet Counts ( Integration)
  • Social Identity: Activate Facebook Publisher Tags (Page + App Support), Mentions in tweets (authors or publishers), Mentions in Pins (Pinterest Username)
  • Link Shortening: Activate Bit.Ly link shortening
  • Analytics: Activate UTM Tracking, and Google Analytics Event Tracking for button clicks
  • Frame Buster: Disable frame shares from apps like Sniply and Start A Fire
  • Share Recovery: Recover share counts from previous permalink structures, when moving to/from a subdomain or when switching to SSL
  • Popular Posts Widget: Showcase your most popular blog posts by how many social shares they’ve received



 User Testimonials

You can also use some of our own user testimonials to help throw some alternate perspectives on what you’re writing.

“Social Warfare is simply the best social sharing app we’ve ever used. Super customizable from an easy-to-use control panel. And lots of nice extras, such as easy click to tweet quote boxes for your posts.”– Mark Traphagen, Stone Temple Consulting

“If you have been searching for a social sharing plugin that will supercharge social sharing, you won’t need to look any further then the Social Warfare plugin.”– Robin Strohmaier, R & R Web Design

“Because this plugin has so many awesome features, additional social sharing button options for various platforms, including the ability to create Click-To-Tweet inside of blog posts, I’ve seen more engagement, more shares and tweets! Far more than I have using any other plugins.”– Fabrizio Van Marciano, Magnet4Blogging.Net

“I love this plugin! It’s rare that something comes along that is so well built and the developers understand that some of us actually care about web performance and speed, while still giving us all the features we want.”– Brian Jackson, KeyCDN