Forever Lost 3/17/17

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Forever Lost

This poem was written as a Challenge to use the word, “password” in a poem or story on Enjoy…Susan’s Soul


Credit- Susan Langer and

Forever Lost

I watched as you struggled being unable
to recall the past turmoil and confusion.
You, who were able to correct all wrongs,
now amidst the chaos of your unknown.
My mind rescued not, tho I had in the past.
But I unable to relieve your failure and loss.
Each step took you further away from me.
The inner veil now torn exposing your truth.
Your angst, your futility, your betrayal of self,
splayed as if giving birth to a stillborn fetus.
Unable to acknowledge your failed efforts
to reconcile my mind inside your frail frame.
With futility, I took my leave as you transfixed,
aghast, stared at the display aware you had…

forever lost… 

the password.

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