Josiah and the Supernatural

  Josiah and the Supernatural  I was on YouTube earlier today and in all honesty I was procrastinating when I found a very interesting video that I write about tonight calling it Josiah and the Supernatural.  Trying to think of a topic for the Devotional part of the blog, I thought initially that I might write … Read more

TSW Daybook: Spring and Silence  3/26/17

  Join TSW Daybook     “The sun…in its full glory, either at rising or setting this, and many other like blessings we enjoy daily; and for the most of them, because they are so common, most…forget to pay their praises. But let us not.” Izaak Walton ~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Here’s how to take part: 1. Create your daybook … Read more

Intimate Grief. 3/23/17

A  poem titled Intimate Grief that was just written. Enjoy.

Susan’s Soul…

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Let’s Take a Personality Quiz 3/20/17

      Let’s Take a Personality Quiz   Tonight I was looking for something to blog about when on I found this interesting picture above (at least I thought so).  I was up to the challenge. I thought it might be fun to take it and share it with you so that you … Read more

Forever Lost 3/17/17

Forever Lost

This poem was written as a Challenge to use the word, “password” in a poem or story on Enjoy…Susan’s Soul

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Do Not Stand… 3/12/17

I first heard of this poem as a nurse working with Hospice patients when some wanted this poem included in their funerals. It isn’t often that a poem stays in your consciousness and becomes one of your favorite poems but that is what happened with Do Not Stand… I’ve shared this poem written by Mary Elizabeth Frye and also some information provided by I hope that you enjoy reading the poem and the history of it, Susan…

Credit- LinkedIn Slide Share.

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