Josiah and the Supernatural


Josiah and the Supernatural 

I was on YouTube earlier today and in all honesty I was procrastinating when I found a very interesting video that I write about tonight calling it Josiah and the Supernatural.  Trying to think of a topic for the Devotional part of the blog, I thought initially that I might write about President Trump and how he was proving not to be in touch with God of the Bible about things like the environment, honesty, and integrity. As I thought about Trump as a topic, my thoughts were scattered and I could not settle on anything to write coherently about. That is what led to my procrastination and listening to this video where Josiah’s mother, Tahni Cullen is interviewed on Sid Roth’s program, “It’s Supernatural.” Josiah has autism and can not speak but is now able to write on an ipad. I will save the rest of the information for the video to unfold. It lasts approximately 28 minutes but is well worth the time because it is so interesting and exciting. Enjoy the video. Susan…



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TSW Daybook: Spring and Silence  3/26/17


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    “The sun…in its full glory, either at rising or setting this, and many other like blessings we enjoy daily; and for the most of them, because they are so common, most…forget to pay their praises. But let us not.”

Izaak Walton


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 For Today…Spring and Silence  3/26/17
Outside my window…Spring is here as is the silence of the morning while the rest of the house is still sleeping. Along the spring and silence, I saw five deer outside in the side yard.

I am thinking…it’s Sunday and will attend church soon. I am a little nervous since this will be my first venture since I fell three weeks ago.

I am thankful…that it’s spring, that my back is healing with less pain.

I am wearing…still in my pajamas-black t-shirt and white yoga pants.

I am creating…mostly poetry though beginning a post about abuse of Christians in North Korea.

I am going…to church in about two hours.

I am wondering…what are you doing this day?

I am reading…I’m reading a book of poetry titled Sojourner Songs which is a moving collection of poems written similar to Psalms.

I am hoping…that today’s trip back to church goes well. Also really praying for more followers on my blog.?

I am learning…how to write posts on my iPhone and how to walk with my new cane, a quad cane.

In my garden…don’t have a garden outside though there are lots of trees in my woodland area (where the deer live).

In my kitchen…lots of good, hot coffee.

A favorite quote for today…pictured above…”Silence is the most powerful scream.”

A peek into one of my days…not too exciting…especially since my fall. I sit most of the day reading, listening to music (try Pandora-The Secret Garden channel), writing, and spending time with my family.

One of my favorite things…the quiet silence of meditation.

From the board room…I need more followers and friends.❤️?

Post Script…?Happy Sunday
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Intimate Grief. 3/23/17

A  poem titled Intimate Grief that was just written. Enjoy.

Susan’s Soul…

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Let’s Take a Personality Quiz 3/20/17





Let’s Take a Personality Quiz


Tonight I was looking for something to blog about when on I found this interesting picture above (at least I thought so).  I was up to the challenge. I thought it might be fun to take it and share it with you so that you could have fun too.



The quiz was free and I didn’t need to give my email address, first-born child, or even my name. It did ask you to Tweet or share on Facebook your evaluation. The only thing annoying was there were many pop-ups or ads, but they were easy enough to skip.


So are you up to taking the quiz? Come on…Have fun! My results are below and didn’t surprise me much, but who knows what your results will be. Remember that this is only for fun.


My Results


Introversion – Thinking
While everyone exhibits at least a small portion of each personality type, you fall mostly into the Introversion – Thinking category. You like to analyze things—people, situations, anything and that can turn some people off. You’re quiet and thoughtful, but you don’t pretend to be comfortable socially. You look for meaning in things instead of taking them at face value. When you start something, you see it through to the end.