No More Wars (Wordle 286) 2/15/17

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Tonight, I share a flash fiction piece titled, No More Wars, and written for the Wordle 286 challenge to use the words given in your story or poem. I pray you will enjoy and share with your friends on social media.   Susan…

No More Wars

The woman’s back and shoulders were curved from long hours of labor. Her fingernails split and broken and long brown hair was pulled back so it wouldn’t get in the way. Her hands were dry but reddened from frequent use of cleaning chemicals. The woman’s long blue dress hung loosely draping over her tired worn shoes.

Linda was her name and she was charged with responsibility for the soldiers in Barracks #6. She scrubbed the heavy, carved brown doors to the barracks when a wind swept in causing the papers on the old worn desk to scatter. Some of the papers landed in the fireplace. Linda moved as quickly as her worn-out body could to the stone mantle and steadied herself as she knelt on worn, arthritic knees to retrieve the papers, returning them scorched to the desk. Then, as she balanced on one knee to stand up, she noticed that her knee bled from an old blistered area.

The woman sighed as she read the top piece of paper and saw that it contained orders for the men to pull out and head to the front lines again. The soldiers had just returned three weeks ago and now they were ordered to return. Tears began to well up in Linda’s eyes. She paused from her work and slowly walked to the storeroom. Linda knelt down to pray for the men as she often did.  She began her prayers…

“Father God,

Please guard and protect these soldiers as they return to the dangerous front. Each of them has family waiting for them to return home after this war. Keep your angels watching over each man day and night and prevent those opposing my soldiers from harming or killing them. Forgive them of their sins and those who don’t believe in you lead gently toward your light so that they will rise up and praise your Holy Name as each is saved. I praise your deeds and goodness to me and if I  could ask one more small thing…for you towel my blister to heal so I  can continue praying for all those I am responsible for in Barracks #6,, In Jesus name I  pray. Amen.”

As Linda struggled to move from kneeling to standing, she wiped the tears from her eyes and dreamed of the day there would be no more wars.

Wordle 286

Words: prayers, carved, brown, doors, papers, fingernails, bled, fire, stone, body. soldiers, dreamed

Credit- The Sunday Whirl

Credit- Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie

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