Visceral Senses 2/28/17

This poem, Visceral Senses, is a part of the Writing Challenge on using 5 given words in your poem or writing/flash fiction, etc. Enjoy…

Susan's Thoughts and Musings-My newest poem, Visceral Senses. Enjoy and #RT #poetry Click To Tweet

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Free at last! I am FREE! 2/24/17

Free at last…I am free from binge eating. I’ve wondered what is going to happen now.  I am not bingeing to stuff my emotions that I don’t want to feel. There is a freedom to that because bingeing calls for negative behaviors such as being secretive, not feeling anything but the numbness, keeping my distance from … Read more

Broken Glass 2/21/17

Tonight’s blog post is a poem I wrote two days ago named “Broken Glass.” I hope that you enjoy it although the topic is a bit dark. My inspiration for the poem was the broken relationship my ex when we divorced and my daughter and I moved to Florida from Ohio.  It has taken years but they have reconciled their relationship although they will never get back the time that they lost.

If the poem touches your heart, please share with your SM friends and followers for me. Susan…

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Niyati Purohit – Meet the lady who is leading a very environmentally friendly Swachh Bharat Abhiyan! |

This is a reblog of an interview with Nivati Purohit: Creator of an environmental company named Megamorph.

“Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.” Remember mugging up quotes for Hindi essays in childhood, “Jahaan swachhta hoti hai, wahaan devi devta vaas krte hain.”? If not, you must have some very vague memories of this one ” Cleanliness is next to godliness.” And then NaMo …

Source: Niyati Purohit – Meet the lady who is leading a very environmentally friendly Swachh Bharat Abhiyan! |

No More Wars (Wordle 286) 2/15/17


Tonight, I share a flash fiction piece titled, No More Wars, and written for the Wordle 286 challenge to use the words given in your story or poem. I pray you will enjoy and share with your friends on social media.   Susan…

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Diabolical Lady 2/9/17

My poem, Diabolical Lady is part of the Lost in Translation – Wordle 141 for this week. You can see the requirements/listed words at the bottom of my blog.  I tried a new style of writing for this poem. The underlined words in the poem are the words required. And now, on to my poem, Diabolical Lady. Susan…

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