1000 Gifts: Thinking Grace 12/2/16

1000 Gifts: Thinking Grace  12/2/16

Tonight, we’ll talk about 1000 Gifts: Thinking Grace in our Devotional study by Ann VoskampOn 11/29/16, we learned about why God decided to turn His back on Israel (us). As we read it was understood that the thanklessness of God’s people was why He turned his back. We learned that God wants our thankgiving offerings today as much as he did in Adam and Eve’s time. Continue to keep your list of One Thousand Gifts (graces).  Now, let’s discuss what Ann means  when she says “Thinking Grace.” 

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Solace of Grace

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Today I share a poem about God, grace, and solace. Susan…


Solace of Grace

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Nowhere can I find
the solace that I seek.
If you find it, tell me.
I’m bereft since lost.
The solace provided
reassurance and hope,
my soul’s peaceful
presence with God.
God, the creator of
my being while I
still in the womb
earthbound babe.
Softly my Creator
whispered to His
angels awaiting
sail away with her.
My facial expression
vaguely confused
seizing him through
discovery…letting go.
Oh, solace return from
where thou hast been.
God’s sublime peace
travels with you to me.
I pray you return and
deliver my precious gift
He spoke to me, a babe,
God’s grace in full given.