Child and Adult 12/30/16

Child and Adult, my poem…I’ve been working on my memoir and thinking of 2017 right around the corner. Thoughts of how I changed from child victim to adult survivor and this poem reflects the changes. Susan… Child and Adult New beginnings New endings of old New possibilities New hopes and dreamsOnce, I was a child. I spoke … Read more

Christmas Time Blessings

A  Christmas Time Blessings  A Christmas Time Blessings for all at Christmas. Susan.. Christmas Time Meaning Christmas time blessed Christmas time Holy time Christmas time traditions Christmas time giving Christmas time God As a babe man-child Our gift of salvation Our gift love eternal Christmas time family Love, gifts, celebration Church, prayer, worship Don’t forget … Read more

Our Christmas Gift 12/21/16

Our Christmas Gift Wonderful Marvelous Savior   You came You God-man Walked here Among us Teacher-man You taught Awareness You told us Profit-man Praying mom Teaching us Of our Godhead Gentle shepherd Rod and staff Saves from self Jesus on Holy Spirit God with us <spa n style=”font-size: 18pt;”>Trinity power Trinity strength Trinity knowledge Started as … Read more

Susan’s Thoughts and Musings is Private Now.

Susan’s Thoughts and Musings is Private Now. I have decided to make my Blog private at this time. Until further notice, God Bless You All. Susan…

1000 Gifts: Urgent Grace 12/16/16

1000 Gifts: Urgent Grace  12/16/16

I’ll talk about 1000 Gifts: Urgent Grace in our Devotional study tonight. Urgency is today an issue for me. On 12/13/16, we learned from Ann as well as from me about TRUST and the need to trust God above all others. Please continue during Christmas season to keep your list of One Thousand Gifts or graces as will I and reap joy in your new discoveries for your list.  Tonight I will quote some things that Ann has to say about Urgent Grace and I will close with some news about my blog, Susan’s Thoughts and Musings.  

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Who I Truly Am: Part 2 12/15/16

Who I Truly Am: Part 2 For Part 2, I start with a quick review of the definitions for BED (binge eating disorder) COE (compulsive overeating). I have BED, binge eating disorder.  Wikipedia defining BED/COE  Binge eating disorder (BED) is characterized by binge eating without subsequent purging episodes. The disorder was first described in 1959…Binge … Read more