Let Frivolous Things Go! 11/25/16

All of this I suppose is just a way to say to you that if what’s in your eyesight when you look up is what everyone else is doing or thinks you ought to be doing, clear the way, friend. Clear the paths around you, unmuddle the simplicity of the gospel. It is Christ who cares for you and cares for your provision, far more than you can ever care for it. So let the dead things drop, find out what they are and let them drop. Maybe Sayable is one of those dead things for you. Go ahead, unsubscribe. I won’t be offended, I promise.

A quote from   Sayable (http://sayable.net/2016/11/is-blogging-dead/)

Dear Lord,

Am I filling my time with things I need to let go? Do I need to cut these and spend more time with You and Your Word?

Of course, I do. I am still spending too much time in the world doing frivolous things that aren’t important.

I can hear You speaking to my heart now and giving me guidance about how to focus   more on You. I will do as You ask.

I love You and will follow You.