WordPress Bloggers – Please Come Back! I Miss You All! 11/8/16

WordPress.com Screwed Up My Name!!

For all those WordPress.com Bloggers who followed me previously as susancfl  with Blogs named:

  1. Susan’s Blog: The Inner Soul

  2. Susan’s Personal Blog

  3. Susan’s Creative Writing and Poetry

  4. Susan’s Devotional Journal


I integrated my 4 Blogs under ONE Blog named:

Susan’s Thoughts and Musings on WordPress.org.

The Blog is still available on WordPress.com as I have 2 private Blogs as well. The problem that WP.com screwed up my login name which had been susancfl and now I have changed to susancfl1 or susanctn since I can’t recover my original name…it’s been buried alive


or Susan’s Thoughts and Musings is the ONE BLOG I still run. Housed under this ONE BLOG is my 4 niches on the menu so you can still follow them.

Susan’s Blog: The Inner Soul became The Inner Soul

Susan’s Personal Blog became Personal Thoughts

Susan’s Creative Writing and Poetry became Poetry and Prose

Susan’s Devotional Journal became Devotional Journal

So please come back and join me because I miss you all as my friends and WordPress.com Bloggers.

If you have further questions, leave me a note on my About page on the NEW BLOG.

God Bless Each of You,



God’s Will and Voting 11/8/16

Interesting how God works. After voting today, God gave me another poem called God’s Will and Voting. I pray that it speaks to each of you.

God Bless, Susan…

Afer voting today God gave me 'God's Will and Voting'-a poem. Did you vote? Click To Tweet

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