1000 Gifts: First Grace 11/29/16

1000 Gifts: First Grace  11/29/16

Tonight, I will talk about 1000 Gifts: First Grace in our Devotional study by Ann VoskampOn 11/19/16, we talked about choosing grace and the fact that God gave us freedom to choose. To choose to live with grace and glory as we live in God’s free and ready favor…living with the fullness that God offers us. Yet it is a choice…whether we live with God’s grace and glory or not. Continue to keep your list of One Thousand Gifts (graces).  Let’s begin to discuss what Ann means  when she speaks of “First Grace.” 

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Let Frivolous Things Go! 11/25/16

Let Frivolous Things Go! Am I filling my time with things I need to let go? Do I need to cut these and spend more time with You and Your Word?

Just Had Share My Opinion 11/24/16

Just Had Share My Opinion   This post on Facebook expresses how I feel so well. Please read and share if you agree. https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1208862292529483&id=380516878697366 Susan…  

1000 Gifts – Thanksgiving 11/23/16

1000 Gifts – Thanksgiving  11/23/16

I give you 1000 Gifts – Thanksgiving and forgo the scheduled 1000 Gifts Devotional from our Devotional study, titled One Thousand Gifts: Reflections On Finding Everyday Graces by Ann Voskamp. I preferred to wish you a Blessed Thanksgiving and share some gifts with you for your Holiday. Above all, remember that Thanksgiving is first directed to God, the creator of all mankind. Then you can wish Thanksgiving to those you know and love as well as to those you do not know. Our Devotional study will resume on Tuesday, November 29, 2016. 

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Thoughts For Thanksgiving: WWJD?

Thoughts For Thanksgiving: WWJD? . I had some Thoughts For Thanksgiving: WWJD? in this situation? My epiphany occurred after listening to this video, today, by Chris Lewis. He doesn’t speak of God, but through his hectic lifestyle developed Depression which led him to decide to simplify his existence. He certainly appears to live like Christ. … Read more

Bless You This Thanksgiving 11/20/16

Bless You This Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is this Thursday. Let’s focus on our blessings as I Bless You This Thanksgiving. Our family backgrounds may be different with some of us not having the picture-perfect home that’s shown on TV sitcoms and commercials. Others may have a loving and happy, healthy home environment. Either way, you can … Read more