Powerful Prayer Devotional – Peace, Provision, Confession, and Praise 8/30/16

Powerful Prayer Devotional – Peace and Provision

Last Friday we talked about the Powerful Prayer Devotional – God’s Hand in our Devotional and praying Psalm 91. We first read the Psalm in NIV as it was written and then we read the version that Lory, the author of the Devotional had written in First Person, personalizing the Psalm. Today, we discuss Powerful Prayer Devotional – Peace, Provision, Confession, and Praise from our Devotional. Lory, who writes our Devotional, continues to discuss praying and talking with God and how she uses speaking God’s Word through Psalm 23 as a prayer of peace and provision. I have added in prayers of confession and praise that she did not cover in her Devotional. 

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