Powerful Prayer Devotional – Introduction Begins 7/5/16

ANNOUNCEMENT!   We will begin our new Devotional next week on Tuesday. The Name will be Powerful Prayer Devotional with the Introduction 7/5/16. My post days will change to Tuesdays and Fridays each week and will last approximately 9-10 weeks (an estimate). This Devotional and Study promises to be interesting and informative will give you … Read more

Surviving Depression 6/27/16

 Surviving Depression

Courtesy of DebbieOhl.com

 I am chronically depressed and tonight I share about surviving depression. I have a history of mental illness. It began as a child and of sexual abuse from age 4-12. My father was the perpetrator. He has long since passed away in 1998, but was still alive when I went into counseling in the 80’s. My doctor’s name is Dr.Jane Stoermer and she is an excellent psychologist. Originally, I started counseling for depression and marital problems. But while in counseling, I became aware of memories long buried from my childhood.

My memories were blocked before the age of 12 but I had made up an imaginary history to cover with my friends and teachers until adulthood. I told my “story” for so long that I believed it to be true. While seeing Jane, my real memories from  my childhood started to return as flashbacks and dreams. Long story short, Jane and I discovered that I was sexually abused as a child and had DID or Dissociative Identity Disorder. This is often called Multiple Personality Disorder by the lay public and is commonly known by people from the famous 1976 film, “Sybil”, starring Sally Field. 

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World Missions Prayer

This is my complete World Missions Prayer on Prayermate that I pray twice daily, Won’t you join me? Remember:

Matthew 18:20 (NKJV)

20 For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.”

The Moment I Worship – Thirsty For God 6/23/16


 Monday we discussed being Desperate For His Presence with believers across the world crying for a face-to-face experience with God as Moses had. Believers were tired of  just reading about God or talking about Him and wanted to experience Him personally. If you haven’t read Desperate For His Presence yet,  feel free to click here

 Tonight, we end this Devotion on Worshipping God with Thirsty For God. I will share about Gods omnipresence and His manifest presence and God’s visible signs of His presence as in David’s Psalm 63.

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Guinness Dying With Dignity and Me

Guinness Dying With Dignity and Me is what I have titled this blog post because I have learned in the last couple of weeks that Guinness has Cancer. It is under his skin in the form of lumps and spreading and growing. The vet offered surgery but didn’t guarantee that more lumps would not occur.

The Moment I Worship – Desperate For His Presence 6/20/16


Thursday night I shared from Chapter 10 that covered Ascending to the Throne Room. It began with a story of from John Chapter 4 with Jesus speaking with the Samaritan woman at the well and asking for a drink of water and speaks of living water and what is to come and tells her who He is. The section was too long to include, but could be found in John 4:1-26. We learned more about this Jesus, the Messiah who helps us ascend to the throne room of God.

I went on to explain that the Lord Jesus Christ replaced the Tabernacle by coming to dwell within us and made it possible for us to worship whether in Church or at home, a park, with friends, alone. wherever because He gave us the Holy Spirit to help up worship. If you haven’t read Ascending to the Throne Room yet,  feel free to click here

Tonight, we go on to discuss being Desperate For His Presence. Believers across the world are crying for a face-to-face experience with God as Moses had. We don’t want to just read about God or talk about God but we want to experience Him personally. There is a growing dissatisfaction with traditionalism within the church. Many feel like their church is playing “American Idol” with the next important person in the church and people are tiring of church being a social gathering or fashion show. They want a bonafide, true experience with God that is personal and they long for God’s Presence. Tonight, I will share about this desperate desire for God’s presence.

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