A Break (Haibun) – Tuesday at Ten: {BREAK} 4/9/16

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A Break (A Haibun)

Sometimes I feel like I need to take a break from all of the responsibilities I have assigned myself in my life. Don’t get me wrong. I love my life, but some days, I feel like I just want to step out of this life and into another altogether for just a while. To understand, you have to look at my usual day. I have four (4) Blogs. One for Mental Illness/Chronic Illness; one for Chronic Illness and Other Topics that I choose; one Christian Blog for Devotionals and Bible Studies; and one for Creative Writing and Poetry. I also participate on All Poetry.com, writing poetry and attending classes. Then, I market my blogs daily using HootSuite and Buffer. I spend part of my day researching what I write on each blog and have a schedule set up of which blogs I write on each day, but there is always a crisis or problem that comes up. Add to that my family responsibilities and my “plate is full.” So you can understand why I wish to escape at times.

I envision a day of sleeping in, no noise, quiet. I feel a warm breeze across my face. My eyes slowly open and my mouth stretches into a yawn, My fingers wipe away “sleepy dust” from my eyes. I sit up slowly and look out my window and appreciate the beauty of the flowers growing with multiple colors reflecting back at me. I stand and walk into the kitchen and place fresh dark coffee beans in the coffee grinder with an immediate release of wondrous odor. I place the grind into the coffee maker and cherish the odor emanating as it brews. It is magical. I take a deep breath in, relaxing my shoulders and enjoy the moment. Pouring my coffee, I walk into my sunroom and stretch out on my lounge and spend some time in prayer and praise for the day with my God. All is well as peace abounds filling my being.

silence allows for 

sacred God communion

wishful world



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