7 End Times Prophecies in Bible and World – Susan's Personal Blog 3/31/16

Tonight, I wanted to spend some time discussing an upcoming Bible Study, 7 End Times Prophesies, that I will be starting this coming Monday, April 7, 2016, on Susan’s Devotional Journal. It will be a study about End Times Prophecy in the Bible and the World today. Source: 7 End Times Prophecies in Bible and … Read more

The Spoken Word…This is Awesome!

The Spoken Word…This is Awesome!   Celebrate! He is Risen! Amen! Susan…

Do You Have Anxiety or Fear?

Do you have anxiety or fear? Some of us say, “anxiety” while others say, “fear.” I have anxiety. It is well controlled most of the time at this point, but there was a time when I was anxious to the point of frequent panic attacks.

Writing on the Water – Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Prompt #105

  Writing on the Water I dreamt that I was drowning in a nearby river and still had my pen in my hand writing. “What was I writing?” you ask. Not my last will and testament. I was writing my blog today. I have blogs to the left of me, blogs to the right of … Read more

Sharing My Day Today – #Weekend Coffee Share 3/20/16

If we were having coffee (or diet coke which is my mainstay this time at night), I would tell you what a wonderful day and week it has been for me. First, I have found a local church that I have been listening to on my computer for several weeks now. It is named Oasis Church and it is about 6 miles from my home. They have a TV ministry

What Can We Do With The Blame?

What Can We Do With The Blame? I was researching articles about sexual abuse and spirituality for a Pinterest board I pin on named God and Abuse and I found an interesting article below.

Do-It-Yourself Healing From Sexual Abuse under the section named “What Can We Do With The Blame?”