Writing on the Water – Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Prompt #105


Writing on the Water

(c) Arno Rafael Minkkinen

I dreamt that I was drowning
in a nearby river and still had
my pen in my hand writing.

“What was I writing?” you ask.
Not my last will and testament.
I was writing my blog today.

I have blogs to the left of me,
blogs to the right of me, and
blogs behind and in front of me.

With four blogs on different
topics most days I’m confused.
I have to question myself again.

Sometimes it’s mental health and
some days it’s Bible Study time.
Sometimes it is poetry or stories.

Yes that’s me drowning and writing,
writing and drowning without my
life preserver and the emails go on.

Maybe once I breathe my last, God
will let me rest in Heaven or maybe
He’ll put me in charge of roll call.

At least, I will be out of the water and
writing in a book again. or better yet
Heaven may be fully computerized.