Night Walk Alone: Weekly Writing Prompt #22 2/4/16

 It has been a while since I have shared some of my poetry with you. This poem was written to some prompts and is not necessarily inspiring or motivating but I believe all women have found themselves in this situation at least once in their life. I know I have several times.

This was written to a prompt from  The Secret Keeper called Weekly Writing Prompt #22 this week. Prompts are: SENSE | SECURE | WALK | TIME | ALONE. To read other poems, click on the link above and look in the comment section where they are listed.

Night Walk Alone

My sense is that I am not secure
as I walk these streets alone.
At this time of night, there are
fearful dangers that await.


Senses enlighten me to insecure
dangers when I am walking alone.
Time stands still as a sense of
danger and fear surround me.

My heart begins to race and pound.
My breathing quickens shallowly.
My hands become cold and tremble.
My eyes widen looking for jeopardy.

Should I run? Should I stand still?
Should I fight or should I flee?
Am I strong enough to fight?
Am I fast, cunning enough to flee?

No time for questions now. No time.
I alone sense I should flee right now.
Quickly, I dart and run, and jog away
until I am safe to walk alone secure.

I walk alone, but I am secure and safe.
My heart rate slows and stops pounding.
My breathing eases with each breath.
I am alive, I am safe, I am secure again.