How Do You Find Happiness?

How Do You Find Happiness?

I decided that I wanted the post today to be about “How Do You Find Happiness?” and as I was researching information to add to what I already know about the topic, I found this really nice graphic on the “7 Steps to Happiness.” and knew that it covered all of the points I wanted to cover. So, let’s cover the seven steps in a little more detail.


1. Think Less, Feel More

In order to feel happy, you have to get out of your head and quit analyzing everything so much. You need to give your heart a chance to feel those feelings too. I’m not saying, “Don’t use your brain!” but I am saying that there is room for both. Don’t overanalyze an issue or a person. There is room for your heart to participate too. Give it a try.

2. Frown Less, Smile More

This one is simple to do. Just be conscious of what appearance you are presenting to the outside world. What is your impression when you see someone frowning every day? Don’t you wonder if they are unhappy, having a bad day, unfriendly, etc. Are you likely to approach that person or more likely to approach someone with a friendly welcoming smile that appears pleased to help your, greets you. etc. There have even been studies done that show that if you are smiling when you answer phones in customer service, it is relayed to the client and your client gives a more positive rating of the call. Think about it. Do you want to appear as an Oscar the Grouch sort of person or do you want to be happy?

3. Talk Less, Listen More

When you talk to someone, do you prefer that they listen some so that you can tell them what is going on with you? Well, the person that you are talking with whether on the phone or over some coffee or on a date, feels the same way. Nobody wants someone to dominate the conversation (barring that you or the other person in not in a crisis). The general rule is 50:50. You should listen as much as you should talk. That is plain and simple courtesy and will make you much happier.

4. Judge Less, Accept More

How do you like being judged by someone else known or unknown? How does it make you feel? Who has the right to judge you? Well, the same rule goes for you. You should not be judging other people or situations. It is not your position or place to do that unless you have clearly been appointed “the judge.” You should be more accepting of other people and their situations. You don’t know their background, their story, what is happening in their life. So, you don’t have the information necessary to judge that person or situation. Let it go and you will be a lot happier.

5. Watch less, Do More

Are you one of those people who could be called a “wallflower” at parties or events? I am. I have to force myself out of my “observer” mode and into my “action” mode to become involved in the gathering or party. That is just part of my personality and I am aware of it and just bite my lip and do what I should do…participate. It gets easier with time. You will feel happier because you didn’t spend the whole night alone.

6. Complain Less, Appreciate More

This is what I call the “Gratitude Shift.” You need to look at the world around you with gratitude and thanksgiving and not complain about all the negative things in your life. I don;t know the numbers on this but I would bet there are t least 5 positive things to be gracious for for every this that is negative. And it is contagious. The more gratitude you express, the more you receive and see. Gratitude really does show you how to appreciate things and how to be happy.

7. Fear Less, Love More

What do you fear about love? Is it being rejected? Is it being hurt later? Is it being betrayed or left later? Yes, all of these things have happened to people, but guess what! They all fell down and got back up  and started again with romance number 2 or 22 or 30. Loving is a risk, but being alone for the rest of your life is an ugly alternative. You stay very lonely, regret others who are in loving relationships, regret your own life choice. But the good news is it is never to late to put your fear in the back of your closet or better yet your garbage can and choose love. Love can surely make you happy. It starts by loving yourself though.

Hope you enjoyed my two cent additions to the graphic. See you in a few days.