five minute friday :: present 1/22/16

five minute friday :: present


So my word for FMF or Five Minute Friday is Present this week  and the idea is to  write off the top of your head, stream of consciousness (SOC) for 5 minutes without editing until the end. Here goes…


When I think of present, I think of staying in the moment, the now. I am not in the past ruminating about what I have done because I can’t change that. I am not in the future because I have no control over that. So I stay present in this moment where I exercise some control over my life. I choose to stay present. I choose to surrender to God and His guidance in my life in this moment. I concentrate on those two things. My present and God’s presence with me there. It sounds so simple but it isn’t. You have to practice this because you’d be surprised how many times your mind can drag you either back to the past or on to the future. So practice makes perfect. Well…not perfect but better anyway. Relaxation and meditation help in the beginning when your are first practicing. Later, as you get more used to focusing on the present, you can just close you eyes for a second or two, take a couple of deep breaths and recenter yourself to the present. Try it for yourself. You may find it rewarding.



New Announcement!

New Announcement!


I will start a new Bible Study beginning Monday, 1/25/16.

The study will be on Ecclesiastes and will be taken from the book by Josh Hunt, Good Questions Have Small Groups Talking  Ecclesiastes.

We will read 1-2 chapters per week and answer questions related to what was read. I will post twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays usually.

I would suggest you get a plain lined notebook to answer your questions and use your own Bible. You may want to use Biblegateway to check other versions or if you don’t have a Bible.

See you Monday for the first study post.