Bible Study Hebrews Chapter 10 – 1/9/16


Study The Book of the Bible – Hebrews

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Use the SOAP method to study a verse that speaks to you from each chapter.

Hebrews 10:23 (NIV)

23 Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful. “

(I would recommend that you read the complete chapter of each study verse so that you can put the chosen verse(s) into context.)

BIBLE (Version NIV)

SCRIPTURE: (Write it out): Hebrews 10:23 : “Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who has promised is faithful.”


OBSERVATION (What I learned): The first part of Chapter 10 continues to speak about the new covenant from God and compares the new covenant to the old covenant with prior high priests. It shares the supposed conversation between God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit (The Trinity). The second half speaks about perseverance in faith for those who follow the new covenant and believe in Jesus’ sacrifice once for all for the sins of mankind so that He could be the intercessor for us who believe and follow Jesus. Verse 23 speaks specifically of Christians holding to the hope of everlasting life with Jesus because He is faithful who has promised.

APPLICATION (to my life): I can hold firmly to the understanding of  Christ’s eternal sacrifice that made it possible for my sins to be forgiven. His sacrifice makes it possible for me to hold on, follow Him, become more like Him and eventually be with Him in heaven.  I repeat that it is my responsibility with my salvation from Jesus Christ, to listen to Him and the Holy Spirit in my daily life as I learn to live through Christ. As I follow Christ, He leads me to testify to others of my belief and hope and faith in Him.

Prayer (use scripture as a guide): Lord God, this Chapter  told me more about Your sacrifice and why it was necessary. You ultimate sacrifice of blood on the cross so that I  can have eternal life with You. As I learn from Your word and the Holy Spirit, I can speak and teach others about your sacrifice for us. I praise You, Christ, for Your sacrifice for me.  I praise and thank you for what You have done for countless millions like me. Thank You and Praise You. Please continue to move for an unspoken request for my family.

Amen. Susan…

Life Questions

Life Questions

There are life questions that many of us ask, especially after a new year begins. Many times it’s all about us. What can we get? Who can help us? Does anybody care about me? When are they going to notice me? Why don’t they give me that raise…that house…that car…that school…on and on? It is all me…me…me…me… But we are not in a world that has you at its center. You are part of a whole universe of other people, places, things, and needs.

One of the best ways to handle depression and anxiety is to turn your focus off of yourself and onto something or someone else. Helping others by building them up is a way to give back and get back as well. I was writing another blog this morning on Susan’s Devotional Blog and the focus was on edifying your words to others. Edify means to build up. As we speak comforting and positive words to others, they feel cared about and loved by you as well as God.



Some ways that you can get the opportunity to build up is to help an individual person, help a group such as in a nursing home, homeless ministry, a girl or boy scout group or help a local charity. The list is endless and you can choose to help and build up others whether human, animals, or organizations. Just open your eyes and look for the needs around you.

If a little voice inside you speaks quietly to you about fulfilling a need, that is what some people call God or the Holy Spirit, or your inner voice, or your inner self. It’s not as important what you call it as it is to listen to it and act. Edify and build up others and surprisingly you may find you are building up and edifying yourself as well with your actions. You’ve got nothing to lose. It is a Win-Win situation. Try it.