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Today I am writing a post for  Tuesday@Ten. The prompt this week is I resolve to… I will try to do so weekly on this blog. And before I confuse you, it is Tuesday evening and we have a week to post our blog. So here goes…

I resolve to…  is part of my New Years Resolution since New Years is only a few days away. Actually, I already started my resolutions when I resolved to connect with God through reading my Bible and praying daily. I started last week and haven’t missed a day yet although I had a little trouble settling into the regular time that I would do this. Since I stay up late at night blogging Susan’s Devotional Journal before 12 mn, I initially tried reading and praying after I finished my blog post.

Well, then the flu hit and I was falling asleep while trying to read or worse yet while I was praying. So, I would give up for the night and resolve to read and pray in the morning when I first got up, but then I would get busy watching CNN News and making my coffee for the morning. I finally had what I call a “come to Jesus meeting” with myself and asked just how important was this to me. I decided it was extremely important and compromised. I made my coffee (my Keurig is in my bathroom) and would not turn on the TV until I had read my Bible and prayed for as long as it took (usually about 45-60 minutes). That worked. I was diligent and resolved to fulfill my commitment.

SUCCESS!! Now, I am in the pattern and about 6:30 or 7am each day, I am able to read and pray, what I committed to God that I would do. Other things that I have resolved to do are to spend more time with my family during the New Year. I have a tendency to squirrel myself away into my room/suite lots of times and I know that my daughter and my grandkids miss me being around them. So, I plan to be aware of when I am isolating and be deliberate about spending more time out of my suite with family.

That’s it for what I want to share publicly with you. I don’t make a long list anyway. There are maybe one or two more things that I resolve to do during 2016, but I won’t divulge those things now. How about you? Do you make resolutions? Do you succeed if you do? What are your things that you resolve to…this New Year 2016?

God Bless and Happy New Year,



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