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Ozzie and Harriette

Ozzie and Harriette were two ornery ponies. The fought and bit each other whenever together. Anyone too close was likely to get nipped. They got along well until Harriette took liking to Bonzo, another pony. Now, fighting was constant. It was just chaos.

The owner decided to sell them so that he could quit refereeing. But both were loved by Zelda, his young daughter. If he upset her,  it would fuel the fire with his ex-wife. So Ozzie and Harriette remained a mismatched couple.

When Zelda was bitten by Ozzie, her daddy decided that he must sell them. He talked to Zelda and told her the bad news. Zelda cried begging for a change of heart, but daddy said, “No.” Zelda returned to her mother’s later that evening upset and with a dramatic bandage on her hand.

Zelda’s mom forbade her to visit her dad’s until the ponies were gone. To Zelda, it was all just too unfair. Zelda sneaked out of the house that night to go see Ozzie and Harriette one more time.

When she arrived at the ranch, she quietly entered the barn and hugged the two ponies. She let the ponies go by opening their gates and leading each outside. Then she lay down on the stall floor and fell asleep.



 Word Count: 216

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Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly writing challenge hosted by Alistair where a photo is used as a prompt for a piece of fiction using around 200 words.

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