I Miss Old-Fashioned Christmas – SoCS Dec/5/15

I Miss Old-Fashioned Christmas

On the SOCS post today the prompt is “miss.”


When I think of miss at this time of year, I miss the old-fashioned Christmas that we used to have. Christmas has become so “politically correct” that you can’t even say Merry Christmas, but must say Happy Holidays so that you don’t offend anyone. I’m a Christian and not ashamed to show that, so it is very sad for me. 

Even the schools can’t sing Christmas songs anymore. Only songs about Santa Claus and Winter Holidays. I realized this the other day when I was talking with my granddaughter who is 6 and found out she doesn’t even know the basic Christmas Carols that children should know. She doesn’t know the words or the tunes. We started playing Christmas Carols on the TV music channel to try to teach her some this week.

Let’s bring back Christmas the way it used to be when Carolers came to your door and sang and you joined in. When it was okay to say Merry Christmas. After all, this is the reason for the season, Jesus. Let’s teach our children what Christmas is all about and forego the commercialization of presents, toys, and Santa Claus as much. Let’s be proud of the fact that we are celebrating Jesus birth in Bethlehem. Let’s do it!


Take Care and Merry Christmas,




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