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Old Tire Tale

Did you ever wonder what happens to old discarded tires? I have an Old Tire Tale to tell. This one was just thrown out recently and is frozen in a snowbank. It will thaw in the spring and probably get picked up by the city and taken to the dump. How do you think the tire feels about that? Well, I asked and he told me.

I gave the best years of my life to that old Buick. Do you think they care? The people who owned the Buick only got annoyed when they saw I was stolen by some young thugs out for a night of fun. The Buick people didn’t even call the police or send out a search party for me. There were no flyers with their name and phone number asking for my return with a reward offered.

Nope…the Buick people just went to Sears and bought another tire. I was completely abandoned and now here I am in the cold, exposed to the snow and ice. I’m frozen solid. I was discarded by the thugs at the end of their frivolous night. I miss my Buick. I miss my Buick people. Somebody help me. Take me home.

 Word Count: 200

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Thank you for the PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook


Cliffs fascinate me as I look down.
Unable to focus my gaze on the sky,
begin to feel dizzy and quite brave.

Wonder what it would be like to 
say,”One, Two, Three, and Jump?”
Would it frighten me or free me?

That’s the thing about cliff-jumping
in my mind versus in reality of life.
There is no way to tell the outcome.

When I was younger, I’d try it with
pills, booze, depressing mood music.
But I always failed at the final jump.

Now, I no longer go cliff-jumping.
Too much to live for now as I feel
much differently about cliffs and



(Concrit Subgroup)
Flash Fiction/104 (had to cut two stanzas to get to this number)


20 NOVEMBER 2015





Stuff or Jesus- SoCS Nov/28/15

Stuff or Jesus

On the SOCS post today the prompt is “stuff.”

Stuff or Jesus, you decide. Stuff brings up lots of images for me. Like being stuffed after Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday, to buying stuff for the grandchildren this last week on Amazon.com…

I skip the crowds now since I’m retired and hate crowds of people shoving, pushing, trying to get deals. It takes all the fun out of shopping and I haven’t even mentioned the parking lots filled to capacity. With my disability having to do with walking, I can’t do it.

With the stuff that I buy, I try to be fair and include some toys and some educational like books. Last year I spent way too much so I am tempering my buying this year. Christmas toys and gifts are not the focus anyway. We all have enough stuff as it is.

I am trying to be more minimalistic and just use the necessities. Of course, I need my computer which is paid for so I can blog, so that doesn’t count. I need my car to get around and pick up my granddaughter from school…but it’s used with fairly high mileage, and paid for as well.

“So what is the reason for Christmas?” you ask. Being a Christian, it is for the celebration of Jesus’ birth as God’s plan for our redemption.

The Bible says, in Isaiah 9:6, For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” Those are my favorite verses of prophecy and it tells us to expect Jesus.

So as far as I am concerned, that trumps “stuff” any day, although I asked for my daughter and son-in-law to get me a Rainbow Study Bible. Get me that and I will be happy with family for Christmas and watching the grandkids get all excited about what Santa has brought to them.

Take Care and God Bless,




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Those Eye…

Special Challenge in Memory of Barbara Beacham

Those Eyes…

Credit: Pixabay.com


Those eyes…You will be missed by us all. I know that you are in a better place than us, but I bet you miss our rowdiness too. I see such peace in those eyes PJ chose. I know the peace that they represent. “A peace that passes all understanding.” (Philippians 4:7) We will not know that kind of peace until we all pass on or turn our sadness and worries over to God. 

All your troubles with your illness are over. No more pain, suffering, worry, medication, treatments are needed because you are now whole and with God. You always showed such courage and confidence as you fought your battles and we all believed you would be here forever. But we were wrong. God had other plans and He needed your help up there.

Maybe He wants to start a Monday’s Finish the Story up there. Who knows? It could catch on as it did down here. We will all keep blogging along and keeping each other company and making each other laugh sometimes, cry sometimes, and get frightened sometimes, depending upon which picture or word prompt we are given in our challenges. I will miss your pictures of the beautiful flowers and birds in your garden, though. 

I bet if you have a camera available, you can take some beautiful pictures up there. Let us know if they have email so you can send them to us. 

Well, goodbye, Dear Friend and Heavenly Blogger. See you again someday.

God Bless…