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Old Tire Tale

Did you ever wonder what happens to old discarded tires? I have an Old Tire Tale to tell. This one was just thrown out recently and is frozen in a snowbank. It will thaw in the spring and probably get picked up by the city and taken to the dump. How do you think the tire feels about that? Well, I asked and he told me.

I gave the best years of my life to that old Buick. Do you think they care? The people who owned the Buick only got annoyed when they saw I was stolen by some young thugs out for a night of fun. The Buick people didn’t even call the police or send out a search party for me. There were no flyers with their name and phone number asking for my return with a reward offered.

Nope…the Buick people just went to Sears and bought another tire. I was completely abandoned and now here I am in the cold, exposed to the snow and ice. I’m frozen solid. I was discarded by the thugs at the end of their frivolous night. I miss my Buick. I miss my Buick people. Somebody help me. Take me home.

 Word Count: 200

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