Four Cute Characters-FFfAW

Four Cute Characters

They were certainly four cute characters. They were a cross between a woodland nymph and a woodland gnome. Each had their own personalities.


The pink one, Max, was the clown. He was always telling human jokes. His favorite was, “What do you get when you cross a boy human with a girl human?”…”a baby human…ha-ha-ha.”


The purple one was called Morti. He was serious. He didn’t smile much and worried alot. The others were always trying to cheer him up.


The blue one with the ugly teeth was the bully named Buddy . He picked on Morti and Max because they called him ugly.


The yellow one with red dots was the peacemaker of the bunch. Her name was Sassy. She was always rescuing the ones being picked on by Morti or Buddy. She felt like a referee half the time. She was exhausted.


Sassy finally confronted them all and said they were going to go to Family Counseling together because she was finished with rescuing.


So off they went to Dr. Phil.

Flash Fiction-175 words

FFfAW-Week of 11-24-2015