To, Two, Too – SoCS Nov/21/15

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To write SOC (stream of consciousness) is really easy once you get the hang of it except when you use to, two, too. You just don’t let you mind filter what you are thinking or writing about. My biggest hangup is that I hate misspelled words so even though I am not supposed to correct them, half the time I do which interrupts my stream, so to speak.

Two other things that interfere with SOC is that I get disturbed, usually by the grandchildren while I am writing and also I have to go to the bathroom many times in the middle.

I, too, have needs and I learned to get the kids busy with a project or a movie before I start writing and to empty my bladder before I start writing. That solves those two problems, but not the first. I am just too much of a perfectionist to let the spelling and grammar go, so I just have to live with that one and learn to let it go.

I will keep practicing SOC until I get it right, but the Lord told me that I don’t need to be too much of a perfectionist because he is the only one perfect. I agree with that statement.



Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “to/too/two.” Use one, use them all.

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