FFfAW-To Entertain the Tourists

(c) Sonya, Only 100 Words

Entertaining the Tourists


I’m here everyday, rain or shine to entertain the tourists, but do you think they care? I walk around displaying my beautiful feathers and all they care about is one falling out to take home.

They let their children run amuck while I work hard at being beautiful and tolerant of their brats, The ones in strollers don’t bother me because they’re small. And the parents are no better.

Running to and fro, trying to catch me as if I’d stand still and let them touch my beautiful plumes. They want to get their money’s worth, I guess. I just love it when it rains because they don’t come in droves like they do on sunny days.

I need to look for a different line of work…maybe a zoo where I’m protected. I wonder if the benefits are better? Well, finally, the park’s about to close. I’ll get on my smart phone tonight and put in applications to area zoos. Or, maybe I’ll relocate. I’ve heard the weather is better in California.

Flash Fiction/173


FFfAW – Week of 11-17-2015

The story to a picture prompt with a word limit is 100 – 150 words (+ – 25 words). Please try and stay within this limit.

This week’s photo prompt is from, Sonya, Only 100 Words. Thank you, Sonya!