Follow My Passion

Follow My Passion

When I was in my 20’s I thought I knew everything, but I didn’t follow my passion, my first love. I had just become and RN and was single, working full-time with lots of money to spend, a new car, and a new apartment. Now, I am 64 and realize that I didn’t know anything that was important in life, in the grand scheme. I loved writing and reading, but I surely couldn’t make a career doing those things. How was I to be independent? How was I to support myself?

Those things were important, granted because my goal was to leave a dysfunctional family and working as a nurse allowed me to do that. Don’t get me wrong, I loved nursing and there were many ways to change your career within your career so I didn’t get bored. I just wasn’t following my passion which was to write. 

It took many years and finally disability in 2010 to allow me to pursue my passion. I could write as much or as little as I wanted. My disability was from walking and standing and being overweight most of my life. I had severe arthritis, but that didn’t keep me from writing.

Now, I write three blogs and love being able to express myself. Do I make any money blogging? No, not really, but money is not everything. Following your desire and passion is what is most valuable to you and to those around you. Sharing parts of yourself and your life is what’s important to you. Helping others through your writing is definitely what is most desirable. 

If I had it to do over again, I would have followed my passion from the start. Oh, I would have done something to support myself in the meantime, but I would advise my child and my grandchildren to follow their passion first and let the rest follow after that. God allows you to follow your passion while you follow Him. He provides the way.


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Writing Prompt #133 “Getting Cozy with Uncertainty”

For this week’s challenge. I want us to get philosophical up in here. What do you know for sure? What did you know in youth but lose sight of maturity? What is something really important that you have learned through experience? If money were no object what would you be doing? Pick a big question and go from there.