Poetry 101 Rehab- Missing Her

Missing Her

She’s been missing for a while.
Oh, she’s there physically, but
she doesn’t engage anymore.

She drifts away into her own…
cocoon, space, quiet place.
She’s missing all that is here.

Why did she go away from us?
What happened to her soul?
Is she happier that way?

We should go after her some way.
Maybe she needs a doctor’s help.
She barely says a word to us now.

Yet, she looks peaceful, happy.
She’s not anxious or nervous.
Maybe she is better off now.

But we miss her since she’s gone.
We miss her laughter and stories.
Do you think she’ll come back?

I know she lost her husband.
She’s probably grieving now.
But why so peaceful and happy?

If she wanted to speak, she would
say, “It’s alright. I’ll be back when
I’m ready.” For now she walks away.

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