Tree Seasons


She had seen many
seasons as she grew in stature.
Autumn was her favorite as she dressed
in her many splendored colors of reds, yellows,
golds, oranges, and browns. Each week that passed
saw her wearing a different dress and entertaining others
with her beauty and graceful dances that she named “fall” dancing.
She had seen many events of both happiness and sadness as she
grew in strength and dignity reaching her full height in just
the last several years. She remembered the couple who carved
their initials when they fell in love and how they visited once married
with their newborn son. She remembered how he grew as a little
boy and played near her in the summertime and rode his
bike down the sidewalk near her as she proudly shook her
leaves in the gentle breeze. She also remembered
the day the young boy was killed in the street
while riding his bike. Such sadness she had
never felt as her leaves wept. His parents
were devastated with his death and

they never seemed to recover

from their loss.

She seldom saw

them after that

and heard they

moved away not

long after their

loss. Now, another

autumn season is

here with little to

celebrate, but she

will dance her “fall”

dance again in memory

of the young boy she still

remembers and mourns for.


 Sunday Photo Fiction – November 8th 2015

Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly writing challenge where a photo is used as a prompt for a piece of fiction using around 200 words.