River Serpent Monster

Thank you for the PHOTO PROMPT – © Dale Rogerson River Serpent Monster Th’ river serpent monster was jus’a rumor outside Chattanooga. Said it lived in the Tennessee River. Only a coupla kids seen him but everybody was scared.   Th’ tourists only one’s dumb ‘nuff to swim thar. Gas-station Donnie was lurkin t’day and … Read more

The Voice (Clairaudience and the Inner Chorus) | Renard Moreau Presents

Today is the first day where I change directions somewhat on Susan’s Blog: The Inner Soul. I want to take the blog in a new direction of Inspiration and Motivation. I will still post about mental health awareness and issues but from an inspirational and motivational aspect. This post is an excellent way to start … Read more

Vignette of The Lady in Red

Vignette of The Lady in Red I   Sadly she sits at the table. Arms outstretched and her head on the table. A look of loss, being forlorn, abandoned on her face. Tears trickle from her eyes smearing her mascara. The candle at the table flickers as the only light in the empty room.   … Read more

No Communication

No Communication Talk, talk, talk, all you did was talk. Talk, talk, talk, how was I to know which words were important? Speak, speak, speak, all you did was speak. Speak, speak, speak, how was I to know which words were necessary? Listen, listen, listen, all I did was listen. Listen, listen, listen, how were … Read more

A Lily in the Valley- A Story of Abuse and the Revelation of Purpose- Chapter 4: The First Time | begin to believe

This is a reblog of a post that is about a personal story of abuse, Domestic Abuse and Domestic Violence from the blog, begin to believe. She has several chapters to her book and this is Chapter 4. This will end my Domestic Violence posting for now. Stay tuned for the next blog to see … Read more

Dyami and Kathy

Dyami and Kathy   A Native American man named Dyami boarded the bus. Kathy boarded last and took her seat beside him. He introduced himself as Dyami meaning Eagle.   Kathy grew up in this small town and had just graduated high school. She was surprised that he spoke so intelligently. Kathy had never been … Read more