River Serpent Monster

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River Serpent Monster

Th’ river serpent monster was jus’a rumor outside Chattanooga. Said it lived in the Tennessee River. Only a coupla kids seen him but everybody was scared.


Th’ tourists only one’s dumb ‘nuff to swim thar. Gas-station Donnie was lurkin t’day and said he tooked’ a dagblam picture on his iphone. Danged if it wasn’t that the critter.


Next thing ya know th’ townfolk are ‘fraid it’s gonna git ‘em. So, a town meetin’s called to hatch a plan. I know cause I’m on the team to catch it. We’s go t’morrow t’ kill th’ varmit. Ya joinin’ us’ns?

Flash Fiction/98 words

30 OCTOBER 2015







The Voice (Clairaudience and the Inner Chorus) | Renard Moreau Presents

Today is the first day where I change directions somewhat on Susan’s Blog: The Inner Soul. I want to take the blog in a new direction of Inspiration and Motivation. I will still post about mental health awareness and issues but from an inspirational and motivational aspect.

This post is an excellent way to start it off.  This video that I heard on Renard Moreau’s Blog, Renard Moreau Presents (Please check out his blog. It’s great.), is unique and discussed your “inner chorus” or what I more often have called “inner voice” which is connected to your “Inner Soul. The video speaks how you hear your inner chorus or self. The video is about 14 minutes. Take some time, relax, and listen to it. You will have a spiritual awakening as well as feeling inspired and motivated.



Cool Miscellaneous Thoughts (by Renard Moreau)

Original Source: The Voice (Clairaudience and the Inner Chorus) | Renard Moreau Presents

Vignette of The Lady in Red

Vignette of The Lady in Red



Sadly she sits at the table. Arms outstretched and her head on the table. A look of loss, being forlorn, abandoned on her face. Tears trickle from her eyes smearing her mascara. The candle at the table flickers as the only light in the empty room.




Her beautiful red dress flowing behind her was purchased for the occasion. Now she is at a loss as to what to do, where to go, who to call for help. Beautiful but alone, she listens for her lover’s return, but naught is heard. Her bruised right arm is an indication of the argument that ensued.




Now, her lover is gone and she is bruised inside and out. A victim of his anger and abuse, she feels hopelessly lost. She blames herself for his actions. If only she had not…If only she could have… The beautiful lady in red will not forgive herself.




Week of 10-27 through 11-01-2015

The story word limit is 100 – 150 words (+ – 25 words). Please try and stay within this limit.

This week’s photo prompt is provided by pixabay.com (free to use photos)

No Communication

No Communication

Talk, talk, talk, all you did was talk.
Talk, talk, talk, how was I to know
which words were important?

Speak, speak, speak, all you did was speak.
Speak, speak, speak, how was I to know
which words were necessary?

Listen, listen, listen, all I did was listen.
Listen, listen, listen, how were you to know
what I thought, felt, saw while you talked?

Neither of us was able to communicate.
Neither of us was willing to communicate.
All we did was talk, speak, and listen.

It was already too late to learn to speak
or listen or talk to each other rather than
at each other talking, speaking, listening.

So much to say, so little to say we were.
So hard to hear, so hard to speak, and
so hard to listen to each other, it ended.

Now, you had no one to talk to and
you had no one to speak to, and
I had no one to listen when I spoke.

Too late, too late, too late for us.

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This week’s prompt is TALK.