River Serpent Monster

Thank you for the PHOTO PROMPT – © Dale Rogerson

River Serpent Monster

Th’ river serpent monster was jus’a rumor outside Chattanooga. Said it lived in the Tennessee River. Only a coupla kids seen him but everybody was scared.


Th’ tourists only one’s dumb ‘nuff to swim thar. Gas-station Donnie was lurkin t’day and said he tooked’ a dagblam picture on his iphone. Danged if it wasn’t that the critter.


Next thing ya know th’ townfolk are ‘fraid it’s gonna git ‘em. So, a town meetin’s called to hatch a plan. I know cause I’m on the team to catch it. We’s go t’morrow t’ kill th’ varmit. Ya joinin’ us’ns?

Flash Fiction/98 words

30 OCTOBER 2015






The Voice (Clairaudience and the Inner Chorus) | Renard Moreau Presents

Today is the first day where I change directions somewhat on Susan’s Blog: The Inner Soul. I want to take the blog in a new direction of Inspiration and Motivation. I will still post about mental health awareness and issues but from an inspirational and motivational aspect.

This post is an excellent way to start it off.  This video that I heard on Renard Moreau’s Blog, Renard Moreau Presents (Please check out his blog. It’s great.), is unique and discussed your “inner chorus” or what I more often have called “inner voice” which is connected to your “Inner Soul. The video speaks how you hear your inner chorus or self. The video is about 14 minutes. Take some time, relax, and listen to it. You will have a spiritual awakening as well as feeling inspired and motivated.



Cool Miscellaneous Thoughts (by Renard Moreau)

Original Source: The Voice (Clairaudience and the Inner Chorus) | Renard Moreau Presents