Two Poems-Writing 201 Poetry

Two Poems-Writing 201 Poetry (Part I) Using Cold as prompt, Concrete Form. Will use Anaphora and Epistrophe in the next poem (Part II).

Warmth In The Cold

The cold is
coming far
to soon for
this spirit’s

need for warmth. And God’s presence in
my life and soul’s journey in living and in
learning how much He cares for me in my
soul’s core. God protects me from the cold.
He gathers
me to Him
like a Father
holding me
close to Him
with His love,
His warmth, 
and mercy.
I praise Him
for his love
and grace.
Amen & Amen.

Part II Prompt Cold, Use of Anaphora and Epistrophe

Darkest Cold Night, October 2015

That night was the darkest night.
That night was the coldest of nights.
That night was the chill-to-the-bone
type of dark, cold night, October 2015.


Darkness spread the span of her wings.
cold crept under the span of her wings.
Bones creaked with the span of her wings
that darkest, cold night on October 2015.


On the darkness and cold of the night
chilled each and every one of the night.
Oh, how they all just shook and shivered
’til cocoa and coffee consumed, October 2015.


Once coffee and cocoa consumed,
all from the darkness and cold
were finally warmed to the bone…
that darkest, cold night, October 2015.

I hope that you enjoyed them both.