Writing 201 Poetry-Assign. 2 Gift, Acrostic, Similes

Inspirational Gift

Inspiration is part of your true giftedness.

Not a gift like being man-made but by God.

Needing instead to know your God-gift

Explains it like God gave it to you freely.

Realizing that your God-gift is from Him

Seals your soul to His; one with creativity.

Only you and God hold your giftedness.

Under the veil of holiness you flourish

Leaving your inner soul to grow in Him.

Signs of Domestic Abuse

 Signs of Domestic Abuse come in two phases. There are early signs that appear while forming a dating relationship and there are later signs that are apparent once a relationship has developed. Before there is Domestic Violence, Domestic Abuse is first present and is defined as emotional, verbal, psychological, financial, and acts of jealousy. Abuse and violence both are about control and power and this control and power is shown in these ways in abusive relationships.

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