The White House

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The White House

The sailboats and yachts were oblivious to the chaos at the white house by the bay. What had started as a quiet Sunday, deteriorated to fear when the house was invaded by two armed men. Sage, the owner, was beaten and tied up in the basement. Ruth, his wife, was being raped and beaten. As she cried and moaned, nobody came to her rescue.

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Becoming Yourself


This is my first post for #BeWoW Network from ronovanwrites. My inspiration today is:

I researched this image that I found on Pinterest and could not find its origination, but it has been used since at least 2012. The quote will remain anonymous and says, “The thing that is really hard and really amazing is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.”

This to me is the core of being authentic and being who you were meant to be in God’s eyes when you were created. Each of us must learn to step away from the teachings of the world that says you must be perfect to be accepted. The perfectionist myth began with our parents wanting the “perfect” baby, child, teenager, young adult in college, and then spread by our own misbelief to being the perfect employee, friend, spouse, etc.

Each day that you wake up is a new beginning to being the real you that you were meant to be. Throw off the cloak of perfection and strive to become yourself, your authentic self. Susan Langer

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